SEED is the destination for delicious food that's healthy for you. We source local and organic ingredients from farmers in the Lake Geneva region and partners we trust. All our juices, salads and sandwiches are made daily from scratch, in our kitchen, by hand.

Our mission at SEED is to create a community, connecting our customers to the nature around us, through the use of seasonal products. We work with a spirit of adventure, bringing new tastes to favourite recipes, and reflecting the diversity of the global village we live and work in.


Cold-Pressed Juices

We offer a range of cold-pressed juices, pressed daily. We use pressure to extract juice from organic fruits and vegetables without heat and with minimal exposure to oxygen. This process produces great taste, and several times more live vitamins, minerals and enzymes than any other juice-making method. It takes a lot more time to make, but you will taste the difference. Our juices may change day to day because we've asked our providers to deliver us only the best and freshest products available. But these are the flagship juices we hope to be able to offer every day:

ULTIME GREEN - Kale (or Spinach, whichever we get freshest), Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon

WAKE UP - Beet, Green Apple, Ginger

GLO - Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon

Classic Juices

We also make juices using the more conventional method, where fruits and vegetables are pulverised through a centrifugal juice extractor. Our centrifuge juices are made fresh in our kitchen every morning, using the best produce available.

Fresh Orange

Fresh Grapefruit


Try one of our fresh salads. They are made fresh every morning in our kitchen, using locally sourced ingredients. We offer a range of homemade dressings and our salads are dressed in front of you.


Choose from an exciting selection of cold and hot sandwiches. We use the freshest ingredients available.